Business Methodologies International has developed a Suite of

World Class Business Simulations. All are designed to give participants the knowledge, experience and business acumen to be able

to drive Stakeholder Value.


Each tool in the Reality Suite of Business Simulations has been developed with subject matter experts within client organizations. These experts have enhanced the simulations to give a high level learning experience with practical applications.


All have been designed to allow users to adapt and customize

to the particular requirements of their business model. This allows them to take a powerful tool and make it fit their exact situation.


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Why Simulations?

How would your people answer:

• Can you explain how your efforts drive the bottom line results for your organization?

• What impact do your daily activities have on your company’s financial results?

• Do you know what evaluations and measurements are most important to your

    organization’s strategy and goals?

• Only a small minority of people in most organizations can answer these questions.


Companies are turning to simulations to turn this around and instill more business acumen throughout the ranks. Although the ROI can be difficult to measure precisely, the intangible payoffs from using a business simulation can be substantial.


CEU's Available


BMI is pleased to announce the offering of CEU's; Continuing Education Units for our NAED Distribution Reality program.


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