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Business Acumen Drives Shareholder Value


Today’s economy is constantly changing with corporate bailouts, stock market down-turns, and consumer uncertainty making all the headlines. It has never been more important to make sure that our people understand our business and market strategies.  Employee understanding of how our company works, what constitutes success and how each individual can  help to drive value, are essential ingredients to being successful during uncertain economic times.  Process Reality™  is an experiential business simulation designed to give participants the ability to manage all aspects of the “operations” side of the business.  This financial simulation allows the learner to ‘walk in the shoes of management team’ and come away understanding why the company makes decisions and gives them a context to make the right decisions to make the organization move forward.



Process Reality™ is an intensive, experiential Business Simulation. It challenges people

to manage their own "Company" over a simulated 8 year period. Each team (company) competes for customers, markets and profit. They must make decisions in operations,

sales, marketing, finance, research & development.


Teams experience the effects of their strategic, financial and tactical decisions. Leaders can improve their knowledge of business strategy, economic and financial planning as well as dramatically improving their understanding of how decisions have impact across all parts of the company.



• Improving business acumen

• Developing talent at all levels

• Advancing ability to think strategically

• Aligning organization strategy with day to day decision making at all levels

• Heightening the understanding of the impact of decisions to other parts of the company

• Developing appreciation of how decisions connect to the “big picture” and ultimately

    influence results

•Recognizing the challenges of balancing the limited resources with competing demands



• Understanding of the reality of multiple strategies including investments in

    quality improvement, employee and operational efficiency and flexibility, IT,

    R&D, cash-flow, forecasting, capacity utilization and much more

• Discovering the reality of competitive responses to initiatives launched in the

    market place.

• Understanding the reality of being a market leader (or the liabilities of being

    a market follower)

• Recognizing the reality of the strong relationship between sales, marketing

    and distribution.

• Discovering the relationship between corporate strategies and their financial

    impact to the company.



People learn by doing. They quickly see how decisions in one area impacts other parts of their organization. Every simulation in the BMI Reality Suite has been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts from major corporations.


Their experiences give Process Reality™ a look and feel that reflects the many challenging aspects of modern business. The simulation is designed to get to the heart of the critical business processes. Participants must develop, implement and manage change.


People are able to experience the impact of risk taking without the possibility of jeopardizing the business. They have opportunities to balance the daily tough decisions required in today’s business operations.


The ability to customize the simulation to company specific situations helps people make decisions that translate directly to their “real world”. People are better able to drive shareholder value, and see how they as individuals can make their organization successful.


This sets BMI apart.


CEU's Available


BMI is pleased to announce the offering of CEUs; Continuing Education Units for our NAED Distribution Reality program.


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People Learn By Doing.