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A credit card security breach is bad news; it can even be a bankrupting experience. If you or someone you know has been breached, or you are worried about the consequences of a breach then you’ve come to the right place. Training and documentation are key components of a security program. Your employees are your first line of defense.


No matter the size of your organization, if you accept credit cards, you need affordable and effective security awareness training. Part of the agreement with your Acquiring Bank is agreeing to comply with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). One of the requirements is to train your staff on credit card security and how to protect the information your company handles in a safe and compliant manner.


Section 12.6 of the PCI Data Security Standards V2 (PCIDSS) requires you to have a “formal awareness program to make all personnel aware to the importance of cardholder data security.”


Basically you have to train everyone who touches a customer's card and everyone who has access to that information - and your have to prove it. If you can't prove it, the training doesn't count and it's a waste of money. We have worked closely with Coalfire Systems to create a training program that will meet all the requirements of PCD DSS Requirement 12.6.


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BMI & JTe’s PCI Security Awareness program is online, with full record keeping.  The program has an Introduction which explains the program and sets expectations and five (5) learning modules (3 to 5 minutes each):


1. Introduction to PCI

2. Why this Matters

3. Credit Card Security Features

4. Proper Handling/Processing of Payment Cards

5. Understanding Payment Card Fraud,
     What to look for & Your Role in Preventing It


There is short interactive review at the end of each module to test retention of the material which is not not scored and a final quiz which is scored. Ten (10) questions are randomly selected from a question bank. Passing grade is set at 80%. These records are retained for five years with a renewal option if necessary.


If a breach occurs you want to be able to prove you have done everything possible to protect your customer's payment card information. Like all BMI & JTeLearning courses, all student interaction and performance are retained so you can prove that you are compliant with PCI DSS Requirement 12.6.


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